Pennsylvania Students Give Teacher A Pair Of Colour Blindness-Correcting Glasses

Pennsylvania Students Give Teacher A Pair Of Colour Blindness-Correcting Glasses

Matt Alzamora, a history teacher in a Pennsylvania high school, can now see the world in full colour. Recently, Alzamora's students surprised their favorite teacher with an amazing pair of colour blindness-correcting glasses.

Students at Methacton High School said they got the idea to raise money for their beloved teacher after he told them a story about his colour blindness. Alzamora told his students that he and his daughter once watched a beautiful sunset together, but Alzamora couldn't make out the colours.

After they heard Alzamora's story, the students started looking on the Internet for colour blindness correcting glasses. While they were deciding on the perfect pair of glasses for their teacher, a few students started to organize a donation.

Everyone donated what he or she could to this present. Some people gave $150, while others gave $5. In the end, the students raised the $528 they needed for the colour blindness-correcting glasses.

The students waited till Teacher Appreciation Week to surprise Mr. Alzamora with the glasses. Once he put them on, Alzamora was stunned by the colours of the balloons all around him. He said initially he thought the balloons were just two colours, but there were actually a wide variety of coloured balloons.

The students gave Alzamora the glasses during a staff meeting. Alzamora's family was by his side when he opened the special gift.

Ryan, Alzamora's son, told reporters that his father's reaction to the gift was priceless. He also said his dad is really looking forward to the autumn when all the leaves change colours.

Patty Alzamora, Matt's wife, said she was overjoyed to see her husband put on the glasses for the first time. She thanked all of the students who contributed to this lovely gift.

Alzamora said he was particularly pleased to receive his glasses now because he is going to visit Paris in the summer. He will be visiting the French capital as a part of a school trip. Once he gets to the Louvre Museum, Alzamora said he would head straight for the Mona Lisa to see Da Vinci's masterpiece in its full glory.

Although he was surprised by the gift, Alzamora said he wasn't shocked by the generosity of his students. "It's a great community in Lower Providence, the kids are amazing," Alzamora said.

Colour blindness is an inherited disease currently affects around 3 million Americans. The most common form of colour blindness is called red-green colour blindness, which, as the name suggests, makes it difficult to differentiate red and green.

8 percent of people with colour blindness are men, but only 0.5 percent are women. The reason men suffer this disease more than women all has to do with the X chromosome. Men only have one X chromosome, but women have two. Therefore, women only need a functional gene on one of their X chromosomes to see colour. Men, on the other hand, need their one X chromosome to work properly for coloured vision.

Methacton High School is officially a college prep school in the town of Eagleville. The school teaches roughly 1,700 students from grades 9-12

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