City Bridge Trust Awards Grant To London's Vision Care for Homeless People

City Bridge Trust Awards Grant To London's Vision Care for Homeless People

England's City Bridge Trust just awarded a huge grant to the London-based Charity Vision Care for Homeless People (VCHP). This generous grant will greatly help VCHP expand their operations around the British capital so that all of London's homeless have access to free high-quality eye care.

The total amount City Bridge Trust's grant was a whopping £37,100. City Bridge Trust officials said they hope this money will help VCHP invest in even more mobile clinics to help underserved areas of the city.

As of today, VCHP has three mobile clinics in the areas of Spitalfields, Shepherd's Bush, and Marylebone. All of these clinics have a certified optometrist, a dispensing optician, a few assistants, and numerous kindhearted volunteers.

Alison Gowman, the current chair of the City Bridge Trust, was extremely proud to announce the committee's grant to help VCHP's noble cause. She told the press that VCHP does "life changing" work for some of London's most vulnerable citizens, and she hopes this increased funding will provide homeless Londoners with the tools they need to achieve success in the future.

David Brown, the manager of VCHP, said he was grateful for the City Bridge Trust's grant. He also said that VCHP will use the bulk of the grant to hire a professional volunteer manager to help better organize volunteer teams throughout the capital city.

A few of the services VCHP offers people who visit their mobile clinics include free eye exams and prescription glasses. This charity group usually helps around 350 patients every single week.

For those who don't know, City Bridge Trust is the top independent grant giver in the English capital. Since it was founded in 1995, City Bridge Trust has given out over £360 million in some 7,500 grants. Today, the group strives to give out £20 million to different London charity organizations each year.

City Bridge Trust's main goal is to tackle inequality in London through investments, raising public awareness, and attempting to influence social policy. The City Bridge Trust committee reviews all of the organizations it gives grants to every five years to ensure all the money it donates is being put to good use.

The charity group Shelter recently estimated that there are 170,000 homeless people in London. Just for perspective, the entire population of London is around 8.63 million.

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