Five by Five Develops 360-Degree VR Experience For CooperVision

Five by Five Develops 360-Degree VR Experience For CooperVision

The independent launch agency Five by Five teamed up with contact lens company CooperVision to create a virtual reality (VR) experience like no other. Five by Five developed a 360-degree VR simulation to help patients understand basic eye health and to promote CooperVision's new Biofinity Energys lenses.

Specifically, this VR simulation helps viewers understand what digital eye fatigue is and how Biofinity Energys lenses can help address dry eye symptoms. Five by Five hopes this VR experience will be available in hundreds of eye care practices across Europe.

Executives at CooperVision wanted Five by Five to create a short feature that would explain the benefits of Biofinity Energys lenses. In addition to increasing brand awareness, CooperVision wants to encourage people to ask their ophthalmologist whether or not they'd qualify for a 12-18 month product trial.

The VR video Five by Five produced took a great deal of influence from the world of sci-fi. Viewers are led around a futuristic spacecraft by a floating robot. This video can be experienced either on a VR headset or on a computer screen.

After explaining the dangers of digital eye fatigue, the robot explains why Biofinity Energys lenses can help them. The designers behind this video say they used the futuristic setting to compliment CooperVision's revolutionary innovations in contact lens technology.

CooperVision's scientists designed the Biofinity Energys lenses specifically for people who work on computers every day. Biofinity Energys are monthly lenses.

Paul Archer, Five by Five's art director, said he wanted to create a video that would both inform and entertain people. He also said Five by Five decided to use a futuristic setting to highlight the years of technological innovation that went into CooperVision's new lenses.

The employees at CooperVision told reporters they were extremely satisfied with Five by Five's video. Rob Healey, CooperVision's head of branding in Europe, said, "The VR video is the perfect way to communicate with our audience and we can't wait for people to take a step into the future and have a look around our new 'lab.'

Digital eye fatigue is becoming a major health issue as more and more people rely on digital devices. The most common symptoms of this disease include blurred vision, eye pain, headaches, and itchy eyes.

Thankfully, there are a few strategies people can use to avoid developing severe digital eye fatigue symptoms. One popular way to help your eyes while using a computer is to follow the 20-20-20 rule. This rule encourages people to look 20 feet away from their computer screen for 20 seconds after staring at the screen for 20 minutes.

A few other big name companies Five by Five has worked with include Ubisoft, 20th Century Fox, and Red Bull. Five by Five has headquarters in four of the world's major cities: London, Los Angeles, Southampton, and Sydney.

CooperVision is an extremely prominent soft contact lens manufacturer based in Pleasanton, CA. This company currently sells contacts to well over 100 countries and has manufacturing plants in New York, Puerto Rico, and England. CooperVision is officially a subsidiary of The Cooper Companies.

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