Blind Veterans UK Reminds Community To Check For Sight Loss In Veterans

Blind Veterans UK Reminds Community To Check For Sight Loss In Veterans

Workers at the charity Blind Veterans UK say they receive more applications after the Christmas season than any other time during the year. The reason for this uptick is because family members often visit elderly relatives at this time and notice them struggling with vision. This leads to an increase in eye doctor referrals and, after that, applications to Blind Veterans UK.

To help this charity do its job more effectively, Blind Veterans UK is urging anyone in the UK visiting relatives this summer to check for signs of sight loss. The workers at Blind Veterans UK can give greater attention to each and every patient if applications are more spread out through the year.

Blind Veterans UK has compiled a short-list of warning signs that your elderly relative may be experiencing sight loss. A few of the more common things to look out for include tripping over objects, cleaning glasses more than usual, and overfilling a glass of water.

The friendly staff working for Blind Veterans UK is more than happy to help UK veterans with sight loss issues. A few of the services Blind Veterans UK can offer include mobility training, liquid level indicators, electronic magnifiers, and the latest in low vision technology. Blind Veterans UK can also help veterans get more involved in social activities across the UK.

Getting involved in the community is extremely important for people who've lost their sight. Doctors now know that people who have vision problems are 90 percent more likely to be depressed than people with clear vision. The same is true for symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Paul Hartley, Blind Veterans UK's senior rehabilitation officer, told journalists he wants everyone to know about the great services this charity can offer Great Britain's finest. As he put it, "Here at Blind Veterans UK we want to help all veterans discover life beyond sight loss."

Libby Woods, the granddaughter of a UK veteran who now uses Blind Veterans UK, is raising awareness of this company's great services. She started to notice signs of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in her grandfather, Robert Ware, a few months ago. After Ware was accepted into Blind Veterans UK's program, he has gained a great deal of independence in his life.

Woods says that her grandfather is now able to use email, read the newspaper, and tell time with a hi-tech watch. Also, Ware takes advantage of the various social events organized by Blind Veterans UK. Believe it or not, Robert Ware actually served on the HMS Albrighton in the North Atlantic.

Anyone who's interested in learning more about Blind Veterans UK should check out this company's website. Ever since 2012, this organization has been helping veterans in the National Service and the Armed Forces through its "No One Alone Campaign."

Blind Veterans UK is a registered charity in Scotland, England, and Wales. You can visit this organization's head office at 12-14 Harcourt Street, London, W1H 4HD. Anyone who wants to call Blind Veterans UK can do so using this telephone number 020 7723 5021.

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