Moorfields Reveals 2017-2022 Strategy For Eye Care In UK

Moorfields Reveals 2017-2022 Strategy For Eye Care In UK

London's Moorfields Eye Hospital just released its 2017-2022 strategy for tackling eye health issues across the United Kingdom. One of the key components in this strategy is for Moorfields staff members to collaborate with other health organizations and enhance the quality of eye care both in the UK and abroad.

Moorfields Eye Hospital wants all of its collaborations to help set professional eye care standards and encourage a more patient-centered approach to eye health. The hospital also wants to raise funds to support global eye health initiatives.

This strategy calls for NHS employees to get more active with private services in the UK to formulate innovative eye care policies. The aim of all these collaborations is to develop the best possible eye care for patients facing serious eye diseases.

Johanna Moss, the director of strategy and business development at Moorfields, told reporters this new strategy "aims to put people affected by sight loss at the centre of the care we provide." She went on to say how important good sight is to our psychological well-being. People who suffer serious vision problems are twice as likely to suffer mental disorders like depression than people who have healthy vision.

Another exciting feature of Moorfields' strategy has to do with the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology. Moorfields wants to put a ton of investment into this revolutionary eye centre to help British ophthalmologists. Once completed, this institute will be a major hub for research & development, eye care education, and clinical care. Moorfields employees expect the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology at King Cross-St. Pancras to be ready for clinical use by 2024.

The people who designed this strategy took input from well over 800 people. These people ranged from former patients to current NHS staff members. A few organizations that collaborated on this strategy include the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

Moorfields has a long history in the eye care industry. Founded in 1805, it's the oldest continuously running centre dedicated to both eye research and treatment in the world. Moorfields is located at 162 City Road in London.

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