No 7 Shows Off Elements Contacts In The UK

No 7 Shows Off Elements Contacts In The UK

The company No 7 Contact Lenses is proud to finally release a new brand of hybrid contact lenses in the United Kingdom. Called Elements, these lenses took the No 7 Contact Lenses team approximately five years to design.

These new Elements lenses can really help people who have irregular corneas. In particular, No 7 believes Elements will make it easier for eye doctors to fit contacts into the eyes of patients with post-refractive and post-graft corneas.

Katie Harrop, No 7's professional services manager, said that the Elements lenses represent an incredible moment in contact lens design history. She went on to say, "By adding this to our specialist lens portfolio, we now have a complete solution to fitting irregular corneas."

The Elements lenses will be available in two different diameter sizes: 8.5mm and 10mm. No 7 recommends hospitals have plenty of 8.5mm lenses on standby to help fit people with keratoconic eyes.

For those who don't know, keratoconus is a somewhat rare condition that causes a person's cornea to bulge. Symptoms include blurry vision and sensitivity to bright lights. Treatment usually requires artificial tears, corrective lenses, or, in more serious cases, corneal transplantation. About 200,000 Americans are diagnosed with this disorder each year.

Anyone who doesn't feel satisfied with No 7's product can return the lenses for a full refund. This is a part of No 7's official "No-fit-no-fee" program.

No 7 unveiled these lenses at the recent British Contact Lens Association's (BCLA) 40th Clinical Conference and Exhibition. This BCLA event was held between June 9th and 11th at the Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool.
Anyone interested in getting in touch with No 7 Contact Lenses can visit the company's official webpage or call the phone number 01424 850620. No 7 Contact Lenses is headquartered in the southern city of Hastings, East Sussex.

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