Macular Society Focuses On AMD Therapies In This Year's London Conference

 Macular Society Focuses On AMD Therapies In This Year's London Conference

The charity organization Macular Society is encouraging people suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) to sign up for its 2017 London Conference. This one-day conference will take place in the capital city's Grange Tower Bridge Hotel on September 16th.

World-renowned ophthalmologists will take the stage to present the latest research into technologies being developed for AMD. There will also be four workshops guests can take part in.

Visitors can enter the hotel's main lobby at 9:30AM and enjoy a few complimentary refreshments. John Dunston, the Macular Society's current chairman, will formally welcome guests in the main auditorium at 11:00AM.

A few professors who will present their latest findings on AMD and Charles Bonnet Syndrome include Dr. John Marshall, Dr. Stephen Moss, and Dr. John-Paul Taylor. All of these presentations will take place in the main auditorium.

There will also be presentations on genetic dystrophies, genetic counseling, and smart glasses for AMD. The doctors who will talk about these exciting treatment options include Dr. Joram van Rheede and Dr. Sobha Sivaprasad.

Workshop 1 will be concerned with topics like guide dogs and mobility training. The leaders of this group include Colin Daniels, Emily Clarke, and Tom McInulty, all of whom work for the Macular Society.

The second workshop is all about the optimal nutrition for AMD patients. Dr. Ruth Fairchild of Cardiff Metropolitan University and Dr. Adnan Tufail of Moorfields Hospital will lead this group.

Workshop number three will go over low vision devices and lighting. Two employees at the Optima Low Vision Services will head this workshop.
Last but not least, the fourth workshop will talk about the best cell phone apps AMD patients could use to improve their quality of life. Michael Crossland from Moorfields Eye Hospital will lead this final group.

Once guests are done with their workshops, everyone will gather together in the grand auditorium for a short awards ceremony. At 3:50PM, Professor Pete Coffey from UCL will deliver a speech about the latest developments in stem cell research and AMD. The event is scheduled to end around 4:10PM.

Anyone can purchase tickets to the 2017 London Conference on the Macular Society's website.

Cathy Yelf, the Macular Society's current chief executive, said the information at this conference will be extremely beneficial for people affected by AMD. Yelf told reporters, "Events like this are vital in raising awareness of macular conditions and what causes them."

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