Shamir UK Shows Off New Autograph InTouch Contacts

Shamir UK Shows Off New Autograph InTouch Contacts

The manufacturer Shamir UK has just released a brand new line of contacts ideal for smartphone addicts. Called Autograph InTouch, these soft multi-purpose contacts have special As-Worn technology that helps people focus on the small text on today's mobile devices.

Shamir designed these new lenses for people who need help with intermediate and near zones. These lenses also have a strengthened head-eye-hand position, which makes it easier for people to read on smartphones and tablets.

Researchers at Shamir said that these Autograph InTouch lenses can pick up tiny text in the 40cm-70cm range. This range is fairly typical on most cellphones nowadays. Experts estimate that the Autograph InTouch lenses will give users 25 percent more clarity in this range than other progressive lenses.

Although the main selling point of the Autograph InTouch contacts is the close-up vision, there are many more benefits to these lenses. Shamir notes that Autograph InTouch lenses improve intermediate viewing area that's at least 22 percent broader than the competition.

As mentioned above, all of these lenses are designed with soft lens technology. This allows the lenses to seamlessly transition between the different vision zones. Also, the As-Worn technology makes it easy for people to incorporate their own prescription and choose their own frames.

People interested in researching these lenses even more can always visit Shamir's official website. In addition to news about the Autograph InTouch lenses, you'll find tons of testimonials on Shamir's products.

Shamir is headquartered in Cambridge, England, but the company has many offices throughout the UK and Ireland.

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