Johnson & Johnson Releases New Eye Drops For Dry Eye Sufferers

Johnson & Johnson Releases New Eye Drops For Dry Eye Sufferers

Johnson & Johnson just released a new eye drop for people with dry eye syndrome. This new product, called Blink Triple Action, can help repair and rehydrate all three layers of the eye's tear film.

The two main ingredients in this formula are vitamin E and protective liposomes. An employee at Johnson & Johnson Vision said, "This triple action formula helps to supplement and stabilize the tear-film."

Vitamin E is a key component in this formula because it removes oxidative stress on the eyes. Believe it or not, high doses of vitamin E have actually been shown to reduce symptoms of diseases like age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

The name Blink refers to the fact that dry eye syndrome is often related to a reduced blink rate. Just a few of the things that aggravate our eyes in the modern world include starting at electronic screens, central heating, and air conditioning.

A few of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome include itchy eyes, light sensitivity, and eye redness. You can relieve symptoms of dry eye syndrome by taking eye drops and/or taking supplements like omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D3.

Of course, the major reason for the uptick in dry eye syndrome has to do with the overuse of computer screens. Dry eye-like syndromes directly related to staring at the computer are now called "computer vision syndrome." Anyone who spends hours each day looking straight at a computer has a high risk of developing this condition.

To avoid computer vision syndrome, doctors recommend looking 20 feet away from your computer every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds. This technique, which is officially called the 20-20-20 Rule, helps your eyes naturally re-moisturize.

In 2016, Johnson & Johnson bought Abbott Medical Optics, Abbott Laboratories, and Vogue International LLC. These three acquisitions formed the basis for what is now the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care division.

The three brothers Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson, and Edward Mead Johnson founded the medical devices company Johnson & Johnson in 1886. Today, Johnson & Johnson is a powerful multinational company selling products in well over 160 countries.

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