Be Careful with Halloween Contacts

Be Careful with Halloween Contacts

Halloween is a time of great fun and make believe. Today, along with your costume, many people are considering specialty decorative contacts.

If you are considering them yourself, be careful - it could lead to big trouble.

The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recently warned that costume contact lenses - think cats eyes for instance - do not correct your vision. They simply change the look of your eyes.

Decorative lenses may well lead to an eye infection, ulceration, long-term vision loss and even blindness.

Problems often stem from lenses which do not properly fit eyes and improper care of lenses.

You should never, under any circumstance, buy contact lenses from places like novelty stores, Halloween stores or beauty supply stores. Furthermore, you should only buy contacts when you have a legitimate prescription. With a prescription, you can obtain lenses from a proper source - your optician, online supplier or a local dispensary.

Don’t take chances with your healthy vision - make sure that you get legitimate, safe lenses.

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