Birmingham's Aston University Offers Certificate In Contact Lens Practice

Birmingham's Aston University Offers Certificate In Contact Lens Practice

Aston University will formally allow optometrists to get a Professional Higher Certificate in Contact Lens Practice next year. The new course will start on March 1st of 2018 and will take 11 months to complete.

Students enrolled in this program will have to watch online lectures and attend two clinical training days at Aston Optometry School. There will be one assessment day at the end of the course. The credit value of this standalone module is 40 masters level credits.

Just a few of the topics optometrists will get to study in this course include how to correct astigmatism, myopia control with children, and orthokeratology. Students will also learn about ocular lubricants, doctor-patient communication skills, and contacts for presbyopia.

Shehzad Naroo, the Head of the International Association of Contact Lens Editors, will convene this course. Professor James Wolffsohn will be one of the major lecturers in this module. Dr. Wolffsohn is a member of Aston's Undergraduate Optometry Programme and is an expert in both contact lens design and dry eye syndrome.

Dr. Amy Sheppard, a senior lecturer in optometry at Aston University, said this program is ideal for optometrists who want to better understand the latest developments in the contact lens industry. She encourages anyone who sees contact lens patients on a regular basis to apply for this course.

Once this program goes into place, Aston University will become the third tertiary institution in the UK to offer this program. The two other universities that now offer this certificate include University College London and the University of London (aka City University). University College London actually has a partnership with Moorfields Eye Hospital on its degree program.

Any registered optometrists interested in applying for this 2018 course must send in an application by January 31st. Professors at Aston University are also more than happy to get in contact with you via social media. Believe it or not, this university now has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Vine, and LinkedIn pages.

Aston University was originally a metallurgy school when it was founded back in 1895. Today, this Birmingham-based university has around 10,000 undergraduates and 2,500 postgraduates. The university's main campus is at Aston Express Way, Birmingham B4 7ET.

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