Mark'ennovy and Brien Holden Vision Institute Team Up To Tackle The "Myopia Boom"

Mark'ennovy and Brien Holden Vision Institute Team Up To Tackle The "Myopia Boom"

Contact lens experts at mark'ennovy and Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) are teaming up to create personalized contact lenses for myopia and presbyopia patients. Both companies hope their new lenses will make it easier for optometrists around the world to prescribe customized and comfortable soft lenses to their patients.

These two major eye care companies want to be at the forefront of myopia contact lens design due to the increased demand for high-quality myopia contacts. Most eye health experts believe that half of the global population will have some form of myopia by 2050.

One major cause of this rapid rise in myopia cases has to do with an aging global population. Today, European nations have the oldest populations on average, which makes designing high-quality myopia contacts even more important for European-based mark'ennovy.

While the aging global population has a great deal to do with the rise in myopia, there's also a huge increase in youth myopia cases across the developed world. This "myopia boom" is hitting East Asian nations the hardest. Believe it or not, a staggering 80 percent of children in countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore wear either contacts or glasses for myopia.

There's still a great deal of conjecture amongst eye care professionals about the root cause of the "myopia boom." Most eye experts believe this phenomenon has to do with a combination of factors like low-nutrient diets, a lack of sunlight, and too much time staring at electronic screens.

Yvette Waddell, the chief operating officer for BHVI, told reporters the main goal of this partnership is to create lenses that halt the progression of myopia in children. Waddell said, "Our vision is to slow the progression of myopia in all children to reduce their risk of permanent vision impairment and thus address a looming public health crisis."

The eye care community is hopeful that this partnership will create stronger and more personalized contacts for future myopia patients. The companies are expected to hold a press conference in the near future with more specific product details.

Myopia is more commonly known as near-sightedness. The disease is extremely common and tends to get passed down genetically. One in three people living in the UK have some form of myopia.

A few of the warning signs of myopia in children include frequent headaches, difficulty reading up close, and constant eye rubbing. It's important to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor for a checkup if your child is experiencing any of these symptoms. Children that don't get myopia addressed right away often do worse at school, are more prone to developing an anxiety disorder, and have a higher risk of developing blindness later in life.

Mark'ennovy specializes in manufacturing both toric and multifocal contacts. This manufacturing company has offices in many European nations and sells its products in over 35 nations. Anyone can follow the latest developments at mark'ennovy by taking a look at the company's Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.

BHVI is a nonprofit organization that's dedicated to eye care research. Founded in 1985, the nonprofit is now headquartered in the Rupert Myers Building in Sydney, Australia. BHVI is also extremely active on social media, with accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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