Nottingham Locals Donate £400 For Rescue Dog's Eye Operation

Nottingham Locals Donate £400 For Rescue Dog's Eye Operation

Thanks to the generosity of Nottingham residents, one stray dog will get a totally free eye surgery procedure. After the surgery is complete, anyone in Nottingham can adopt this dog from Nottingham's Stray Dog Service.

People first saw this stray dog stumbling around the St. Ann's district of the East Midlands city on August 10th. Residents who found this dog said he had no form of identification. This young dog is described as a Shar Pei mix with light brown fur.

After they brought the dog to local authorities, Nottingham City Council put out information about the dog. Sadly, no one stepped forward to claim this adorable pet.

After seven days, Nottingham city officials tried to put the dog up for adoption. Unfortunately, no rescue shelter could accept the dog because of his severe eye condition.

While this dog was staying in a Nottingham kennel, locals put out an appeal for donations online. Amazingly, they were able to raise the necessary £400 within just a few days.

Authorities working at Nottingham City Council's Stray Dog Service said they were stunned by the generosity of the British public. A spokesman from the dog service said that this new operation will be the "first step towards [the Shar Pei's] new life."

Workers at the kennel dropped off this dog at a local vet's office on for the surgery. As soon as the dog recovered, people working at Nottingham City Stray Dogs put him up for adoption.

Kimberly Hoe, a protection officer at Nottingham's Operational Support and Dog Control, said this dog should have no difficulty finding a home after the surgery. She went on to say that this dog is full of energy, but not aggressive at all.

Anyone can follow this Shar Pei's progress on their facebook page. For more information on adopting any dog from this organization, you can send this group a Facebook message or call 01159152020.

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