Optical Express In Newcastle Now Offers Cataract And Lens Replacement Surgeries

Optical Express In Newcastle Now Offers Cataract And Lens Replacement Surgeries

Newcastle residents no longer have to travel long distances to undergo common eye surgeries. The Newcastle Optical Express has just announced that it has all the necessary equipment to perform cataract, lens replacement, and even lens enhancement procedures.

These added services are thanks to Optical Express's £1.5 million investment into the Newcastle clinic. Executives at Optical Express say they invested heavily into Newcastle to meet the increased demand for better eye care.

Stephen Hannan, Optical Express's clinical services director, told reporters that Newcastle was losing a ton of business over the years by only offering laser eye surgery. While laser procedures work for some people, many eye care patients need lens replacement procedures and have to travel outside of Newcastle to get them done.

Indeed, Optical Express discovered that many Newcastle residents who needed cataract surgery or lens replacement were forced to travel far outside of the city. Some people traveled as far as Glasgow or Manchester to get these procedures done.

The major new machine Newcastle Optical Express bought is a Catalys femtosecond laser system. This precision laser machine is one of the best in the eye care industry for providing safe and precise cataract surgery.

Even before these renovations, the Newcastle Optical Express was one of the most popular eye care facilities in northern UK. Since it opened in 2014, Newcastle's Optical Express has performed successful laser surgeries on over 2,500 patients.

Hannan said that the new technologies at the Newcastle branch will only help expand Optical Express's presence in the North East. He encourages anyone in need of intralocular lens surgery or cataracts surgery to give Newcastle Optical Express a call.

Founded in 1991, Optical Express has become a dominant force in the eye care industry across Europe. In addition to the UK, Optical Express has clinics in Germany, Croatia, and Ireland. Eye doctors estimate that six out of every ten eye surgery patients in the UK are treated at an Optical Express clinic.

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