Zeiss Releases First Glasses For "Generation &"

Zeiss Releases First Glasses For "Generation &"

The German manufacturer Carl Zeiss AG has just released the world's first pair of eyeglasses designed for contact lens wearers. Called EnergizeMe, these spectacles are a great option for contact lens wearers who suffer from digital eye strain.

Zeiss executives say they got the idea for these novel spectacles from research into the habits of today's digital natives. Researchers found that a significant amount of people around the world want to live a digital lifestyle, but they don't want to sacrifice their overall eye health. Zeiss researchers called these people "Generation &" since they want the convenience of digital technology and optimal eye health.

Another reason why Zeiss called this group "Generation &" is because these people like to transition between contacts and eyeglasses. Zeiss hopes its new glasses will address the needs and concerns of this large segment of the contact lens wearing community.

Amazingly, Zeiss found that 65 percent of respondents to its survey could be accurately described as a member of "Generation &." All of these people described the importance they placed on eye health in the digital world.

One of the key selling points of the EnergizeMe lenses is the visual field technology. Zeiss designers put a high priority in designing as wide a visual field as possible for clear vision.

All EnergizeMe lenses have digital technology inside that helps the user change instantly between near and far vision. Also, each pair of EnergizeMe glasses is coated with DuraVision BlueProtect that protects a wearer's eyes from excessive exposure to LED screens.

Peter Robertson, the marketing and communications director at Zeiss's UK branch, said the EnergizeMe glasses meet an unaddressed need in the contact lens market. According to Robertson, "Generation & want both contact lenses and spectacles, allowing their tired eyes to relax and preventing further eye strain caused by digital devices." Robertson went on to say that the EnergizeMe glasses are the first and only product on the market to address these needs.

Reviews of the Zeiss EnergizeMe glasses have been extremely positive thus far. Nine out of ten testers reported a significant reduction digital eye strain after wearing the EnergizeMe glasses.

Digital eye strain is incredibly common nowadays due to all the digital screens bombarding us at work and at home. A few symptoms of this syndrome include blurred vision, itchy eyes, and increased tearing.

The best way to avoid digital eye strain is to follow the 20-20-20 rule. This rule suggests you turn away from your computer screen after 20 minutes of continuous usage and stare 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. This will help your eyes naturally re-moisturize throughout the day.

Optician Carl Zeiss founded Carl Zeiss AG in 1846 in the town of Jena, Germany. Today, Zeiss remains a dominant manufacturer of optical goods in the global market. Officially, Carl Zeiss AG is now a member of the Zeiss Gruppe and is headquartered in the German town of Oberkochen. In addition to eyeglasses, Zeiss manufactures night vision goggles, riflescopes, and rangefinders.

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