Revolutionary Healthcare App By babylon Launched In London

Revolutionary Healthcare App By babylon Launched In London

Londoners now have the opportunity to chat with a GP any time of the day through a new smartphone app. Called GP at Hand, this revolutionary app will dramatically change how healthcare is conducted in the UK.

The virtual health service provider babylon Healthcare Services developed this app with the help of London GPs. Executives say this app will allow a person to video chat with a licensed GP 24/7. A few other features of the GP at Hand app include booking in-person appointments, checking symptoms with AI software, and refilling prescriptions. This app will also record in-patient consultations so you can replay them at a later date.

Anyone who wants to use this app will have to allow their current doctor to release medical records to babylon Healthcare. All of this paperwork will help the doctors in babylon's database give more thorough examinations of their patients.

GP at Hand has received rave reviews in all of its recent tests. 96 percent of participants in the last GP at Hand test run gave the app high ratings.

The National Health Service (NHS) had only positive things to say about the GP at Hand app in its clinical review. NHS workers said babylon's innovative app can be extremely helpful for certain ailments.

However, the NHS cautions against over reliance on the GP at Hand app. For example, the app's AI system is not equipped to handle any eye diseases. People how have eye issues are urged to use the GP at Hand app only to book in-person appointments with a trained ophthalmologist.

Numerous London clinics are actively working with the GP at Hand app. As of today, patients who use any of the following clinics can download the GP at Hand app: Victoria, Liverpool Street, Canary Wharf, and Euston.

In the near future, babylon hopes the entire UK will have access to the GP at Hand app.

Ali Parsa, founder and CEO of babylon Healthcare, told reporters he was proud to see Great Britain taking the first steps towards implementing this hi-tech healthcare system. He went on to say, "It's particularly satisfying that our own NHS has become the first health service to harness technology to offer round the clock, accessible healthcare to our people."

To download the GP at Hand app, simply visit this webpage. Here you'll find links to install the app onto your Apple or Android device.

Founded in 2013, babylon became the first virtual healthcare service to be registered by the UK's Care Quality Commission. In recent years, babylon has received massive funding for AI research from companies like Google, Kinnevik AB, and Hoxton Ventures.

Anyone who has questions about babylon's services can call the company at 44 (0) 3302 231 008 or send an email to support@babylonhealth.com

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