GOC Set To Implement Department Of Health's Regulator Reforms

GOC Set To Implement Department Of Health's Regulator Reforms

The UK's General Optical Council (GOC) has announced it will follow the Department of Health's suggestion to implement consultation on healthcare regulator reform. Members of the Department of Health are applauding GOC's decision, saying the organization's efforts will help enhance the quality of eye care in the UK.

Vicky McDermott, GOC's current chief executive, said these reforms are intended to help regulators across the nation perform their jobs with greater efficiency. McDermott said she hopes to see changes in "fitness to practice powers" to ramp up the speed at which regulators perform their duties.

One area McDermott is interested in reforming is the consultation document on regulators. McDermott feels changing this document will help dramatically enhance the quality of eye care across the nation.

The GOC will introduce consensual disposal powers as a part of these new reforms. Members of the GOC also say they will revamp the current government structure and make it easier to pass new rules in the fields of higher education and certification.

The Department of Health hopes that its proposals will streamline the UK's healthcare system and get rid of superfluous regulatory bodies. If all of the Department of Health's proposals are put in place, the UK could reduce its regulatory bodies from nine to as little as three.

While lowering government spending is an important issue, McDermott argued that cost shouldn't be the top priority of these new regulations. Above all, McDermott suggests taking a look at how these reforms affect both public and patient protection.

One way McDermott and fellow GOC employees hope to track the success of these reforms is by gathering data from regulators and patients. The GOC will also keep tabs on how technical innovations in the optical field influence public safety.

The GOC is expected to formally respond to the Department of Health's requests earlier than the official deadline of January 23rd, 2018. Executives at the GOC hope that other organizations in the UK's health care industry will join them.

To find out more information on these regulator changes, anyone can contact the GOC via this telephone number 44 (0)20 7580 3898, email address goc@optical.org, or on Twitter.

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