Finnish Company Reveals New Handheld Fundus Camera

Finnish Company Reveals New Handheld Fundus Camera

European eye doctors are extremely excited to hear that they'll get to test out Optomed's brand new handheld fundus camera next year. Called the Optomed Aurora, this camera will easily work with the Optomed Avenue screening software.

Seppo Kopsala, CEO of Optomed, said these two products will dramatically bring down the cost of diabetic retinopathy screenings so more diabetics can get the care they deserve. He added, "These new products are the biggest and most significant development investment in Optomed's history."

The Optomed Aurora has a four-inch color screen with easy to find navigation buttons. Doctors will have a convenient 50-degrees field of view while using the Optomed Aurora.
Both the Optomed Aurora and Optomed Avenue were also designed to provide the most accurate screenings for the widest patient base imaginable. So far, both of these devices have proven incredibly successful at providing affordable and reliable fundus photographs in trials.

The Optomed Aurora will be available for purchase in certain European nations at the start of 2018. Optomed Avenue is already available in all European markets. There's no word yet whether Optomed will sell the Aurora in other countries any time soon.

For those who don't know, the fundus refers to the interior portion of the eye on the opposite side of the lens. This area includes critical tissues in the eye such as the retina and macula. Eye doctors often look at fundus scans to check for diseases like age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy.

As you could tell from the name, diabetic retinopathy is a complication that occurs in people who suffer from diabetes. Early warning signs of this disorder include hazy vision, visual floaters, and mild colourblindness.

Unfortunately, diabetic retinopathy can be present in patients' eyes years before visual symptoms appear. This is a major reason eye doctors recommend diabetics get a yearly visual test.

While diabetic retinopathy can't be cured, doctors can manage symptoms far better the earlier they catch the disease. A few common treatment strategies include laser surgery, vitrectomy, and a change in diet. About 200,000 Americans are diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy every year.

Although Optomed was officially founded in 2004, the engineers and physicians involved in this project were working together since 1997. Today, Optomed focuses on making the greatest retinal imaging devices for conditions like AMD, glaucoma, and, of course, diabetic retinopathy. While the Optomed Aurora will only be available in Europe next year, Optomed sells many of its products in nations like South Korea, Japan, and the USA.

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