Henshaws Introduces Three New Awards For Annual Ceremony

Henshaws Introduces Three New Awards For Annual Ceremony

Henshaws, a charity group in Manchester, is working hard this year to recognize individuals making a difference in the lives of people suffering from vision problems.

This is the first year Henshaws will include a category for individuals and companies who go out of their way to help visually impaired people. The charity group actually created three of these awards: one will go to an optician, the second will go to an eye health professional, and the third will go to a business that has done something to help visually impaired individuals in the UK.

Henshaws is currently accepting online applications for the 2018 awards ceremony. Besides the three categories listed above, Henshaws will also give out awards for people with visual impairments who have overcome major obstacles and exceptional volunteers.

Anyone can send an email nomination in the form of a Word Document to Faye Li at faye.li@henshaws.org.uk. UK residents can also call in their nomination to 0300 222 5555 or mail their nominations to Freepost, RTHX-HXYA-CBAU, Henshaws, Manchester, M16 1HB.

This year's Henshaws Awards Ceremony will be held at Manchester's Midland Hotel near the Manchester Central Convention Complex. The scheduled date for this event is June 21st.

Founded in 1837, Henshaws is short for Henshaws Society for Blind People. The organization was named after prominent British businessman Thomas Henshaw who donated his earnings to create Henshaws at the time of his death.

Today, Henshaws is committing to improving the lives of blind residents in the UK. A few of the major services Henshaws provides include organizing arts & crafts events and helping people with visual impairments improve their education at a specialist college.

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