New UK Social Enterprise Encourages Early Childhood Vision Screenings

New UK Social Enterprise Encourages Early Childhood Vision Screenings

The French-born businesswoman Cecile Beaufils is on a mission to increase awareness on childhood eye issues in the UK. To achieve this goal, Ms. Beaufils created the social enterprise Margaux Glasses, which is now advocating for early childhood vision screenings across the country.

Cecile Beaufils named her enterprise after one of her daughters who was recently diagnosed with long-sightedness. According to Ms. Beaufils, Margaux got her first pair of glasses when she was only nine months old. Beaufils went on to say these glasses have had a tremendously positive impact on Margaux's daily life.

While Margaux's treatment was a major inspiration for the creation of Margaux Glasses, Ms. Beaufils says she was also inspired by her personal experiences with eye disorders. When Cecile Beaufils was very young, she also suffered from long-sightedness. Since she didn't get a visual screening until she was much older, however, Beaufils had to undergo a serious eye surgery to correct the vision when she turned eight.

Margaux Glasses was designed to help parents avoid ever having to put their child through a serious eye surgery. Beaufils believes early visual screenings can dramatically impact the quality of a child's life and encourages parents to bring their children to an optometrist as early as possible.

Unfortunately, according to a study conducted in 2017, about 50 percent of UK opticians declined to screen children who were later diagnosed with eye cancer. Ms. Beaufils hopes this study and her organization will encourage opticians and parents to take early childhood screenings seriously.

Before she founded Margaux Glasses, Cecile Beaufils worked in advertising for major brands like Guinness and Mars. She is now studying for a degree in entrepreneurship at Cambridge. Although she was born in France, Ms. Beaufils has spent over two decades working in Great Britain.

Margaux Glasses now has an official blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook profile that UK residents can follow. Anyone interested in joining this campaign can also contact Cecile Beaufils directly using the email cecile@margauxglasses.co.uk.

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