CooperVision Will Release New Affordable Toric Lenses In April

CooperVision Will Release New Affordable Toric Lenses In April

The US contact lens manufacturer CooperVision announced it will release a new kind of contact lens this April. Called Avaria Vitality, these new toric contacts are expected to be cheaper than most other silicone hydrogel contacts in the contact lens industry.

The technology CooperVision manufacturers used to design the Avaria Vitality is called "optimized toric lens geometry." If this style sounds familiar, that's because CooperVision also used this design style in its My Day and Biofinity lenses.

One difference with the Avaria Vitality contacts and other CooperVision products is that it has one of the highest water contents for a toric lens. Avaria Vitality contacts also have stronger UV protection and will be able to block almost 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

CooperVision executives believe the Avaria Vitality contacts are some of the strongest in the company's portfolio. In particular, CooperVision believes these lenses will greatly help people who suffer from astigmatism.

The sphere ranges vary considerably in Avaria Vitality contacts from +8D to 10D. Manufacturers said all Avaria Vitality contacts will measure 14.5mm in diameter and 8.5mm in base curve.

Founded in 1958, CooperVision is an official subsidiary of The Cooper Companies. Both CooperVision and The Cooper Companies have their headquarters in Pleasanton, California, and sell their products in hundreds of countries.

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