Contact Lens Counterfeiter Busted

Contact Lens Counterfeiter Busted

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A Nevada-based grand jury charged a Las Vegas man with selling counterfeit and mislabeled contact lenses online. His company, Candy Color Lenses, did business across the U.S.A.

Dmitriy Melnik was charged with five counts of introducing misbranded devices into interstate commerce, four counts of trafficking in counterfeit goods and a single count of conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods and to introduce misbranded devices into interstate commerce.

The indictment alleges that Melnik imported large amounts of colored contact lens from China and South Korea, knowing that they were counterfeit and that the FDA hadn’t approved them for import or sale in the U.S. As medical devices – even as cosmetic devices – contact lenses are medical devices subject to FDA regulation.

Melnik stands accused of selling lenses to customers without a prescription, directions for use or even warnings.

After customer complaints, some of the lenses were tested and were allegedly contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria.

Melnik reached a plea agreement in early September and confessed to importing the counterfeit lenses.

He faces between 42-57 months in prison and possibly a fine of nearly (£)200,000. Any other criminal issues might extend the sentence.

Melnik will also surrender thousands of boxes of lenses bearing labels like Ciba Vision, COLORBLENDS, FreshLook, Cool Cosmetic Tornado B, Innova Vision ColorMaker, ColorNova, Magic, Dragon Gold and Picasso.

Anyone who bought lenses from his company should immediately cease using them and obtain replacements from a legitimate supplier.

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