Always Get Halloween Cosmetic Contacts From A Registered Optician

Always Get Halloween Cosmetic Contacts From A Registered Optician

Whenever Halloween rolls around, cosmetic contact lenses flood the marketplace. While it might be tempting to purchase a "one size fits all" contact lens online, opticians advise anyone interested in these cosmetic contacts to get a professional eye screening first.

Even if you have 20/20 vision, you should get a proper contact lens fitting from a registered optician and order your contacts through that optician's office. Ordering a professionally designed prescription pair of cosmetic lenses will greatly reduce your chances of damaging your eyes this Halloween season.

Most of the cheaper decorative contacts sold in grocery stores or online can cause serious side effects even from just one usage. A few of common problems opticians have seen from people who wear cheap lenses include bacterial infections, corneal cuts, and open sores on the eyes.

In extreme cases, people injured by decorative contacts needed expensive and risky corneal transplants. Yes, you can blind yourself by wearing cheap decorative contacts.

In the UK, only registered dispensing optometrists have the legal right to prescribe zero-powered decorative lenses. Manufacturers who sell colored lenses online are technically breaking the law and don't meet the high safety standards put in place by the contact lens industry.

Patricia O'Connor, an optician at Maverick & Wolf, told reporters it's a bad idea to buy non-prescription contacts without getting a professional contact lens fitting from an optician. She went on to remind the public that contact lenses are medical devices, not makeup accessories. Getting the wrong size contact lens, even if you don't have vision issues, can seriously damage your eyes.

Anyone who wants to wear cosmetic lenses this Halloween can easily schedule an appointment with their local optician. There are numerous safe cosmetic lenses on the market, but they have to be prescribed by a registered optician.

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