Patrick Reed Says Contact Lenses Saved His Game At 2018 Masters

Patrick Reed Says Contact Lenses Saved His Game At 2018 Masters

It may come as a shock to golfing fans that Patrick Reed, the winner of the 2018 Masters, suffered a sudden loss of vision just one week before the big tournament. Without a new pair of contact lenses, Reed believes he wouldn’t have been able to top the podium this year.

So the story goes, while Reed was watching TV with his wife and in-laws he suddenly realized that he couldn’t read the words flashing across the screen. Reed’s wife, Justine, was extremely concerned by her husband’s symptoms and forced him to get his eyes checked ASAP.

At his meeting with a local optician, Reed was diagnosed with nearsightedness and was fitted for a pair of prescription-grade contacts. People close to Reed noticed an immediate improvement in his golf performance once he put his contacts on.

In the weeks before he got his contacts, Reed was always asking his caddie to point him in the direction of where his golf ball was and how the greens looked. Anything that was about 30 or 40 yards away Reed couldn’t make out at all.

Reed credits his massive success at the 2018 Masters with his new contacts. He also said he is looking forward to moving forward in his golfing career with clearer vision.

One thing Reed isn’t looking forward to, however, is putting his contacts in every morning. In recent interviews, Reed admitted he has great difficulty putting contacts in his eyes. Often Reed has to schedule 30 to 40 minutes just to be sure he gets his contacts in. Thankfully, Reed says he has a far easier time taking out his lenses before bedtime.

As golf enthusiasts already know, Reed took home the top prize from this year’s Masters Tournament beating Rickie Fowler by only one stroke. Thanks to Reed’s phenomenal wins as of late, he has moved up in international rankings to No. 13.

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