Killer"s contact lenses "out of date"

Killer"s contact lenses "out of date"

Reminders to get regular sight test and checks ups don"t come stronger than this. A court heard recently how a driver who killed a woman had allowed his prescription for corrective contact lenses to lapse.

The male Student, who wore lenses because he was short-sighted, was told by the judge he had hit the pedestrian with his car in a "momentary lapse of concentration".

A court inquest into the death heard how the driver"s lenses were not adequate to correct his vision because they had deteriorated since his last optician"s visit.

However, his solicitor insisted the accident was due to a "lack of concentration".


His defending counsel, said he was "haunted" by the accident and stopped driving as a result.

"There are no words that he can offer, no apology that would ease the suffering of the family of the deceased, but he does wish them to know how sorry he is for what happened that night," The Daily Mail reported her as saying.

by Alexa Kaczka

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