Bausch & Lomb "planning Indian expansion"

Bausch & Lomb "planning Indian expansion"

Bausch & Lomb is set to make its products more widely available in India in the coming years, according to the Business Standard.

The contact lens maker - which already offers products in some 5,500 outlets across the country - plans to increase its distribution to a further 1,500 retailers within the next three years.

Harish Natarajan, managing director for Bausch & Lomb India, said that the company"s main goals are to expand the contact lens market in the country and to cut down on delays in launching global products in India.

Mr Natarajan added that monthly disposable contact lenses have become increasingly popular in India during the past few years and explained that the bulk of Bausch & Lomb"s investment in India would be spent training staff and educating consumers.

Bausch & Lomb, which is based in the US, currently has eye health products on offer in more than 100 countries worldwide.

by Martin Burns

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