Drivers "should carry spare contact lenses"

Drivers "should carry spare contact lenses"

Drivers in north Wales who need to wear corrective lenses while out on the roads have been advised to carry a spare pair of contact lenses or glasses with them in their vehicles.

News Wales reported that a new survey carried out by Specsavers indicated that some 40 per cent of drivers are not likely to have a safe standard of long-distance vision for driving.

And while eye problems tend to be better known among people aged 50 and over, younger people can also experience vision problems, according to the North Wales Road Safety Group and North Wales police.

"We urge people to have to have their vision regularly tested and if they have glasses or contact lenses, to wear them when driving," said chief inspector Gary Ashton of North Wales police"s operational support division.

In the US, tcpalm.com reported that a man in Port St Lucie was arrested recently by police for failing to wear his contact lenses while behind the wheel.

by Martin Burns

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