Celebrity chefs "planning eye-healthy desserts"

Celebrity chefs "planning eye-healthy desserts"

In honour of Valentine"s Day, celebrity chefs from across the US have contributed recipes for desserts for two that use eye-healthy ingredients.

The free recipes, which can be viewed on the eyecareAmerica website and downloaded onto recipe cards, have been prepared as part of a national campaign to promote the preservations of eyesight. Each features vitamin-rich ingredients and vision-friendly antioxidants.

"Blindness and vision impairment have enormous personal, social and economic costs, limiting the activities of otherwise healthy and active people," said Dr Richard P Mills.

He added that people need to be more aware of eye disease and its risk factors and explained that it is particularly important for people over the age of 65 to get their eyes tested regularly.

A recent Bausch & Lomb-sponsored survey found that some 40 per cent of people with astigmatism mistakenly believe that they cannot wear contact lenses because of their condition.

However, some 7 out of ten survey respondents said they would be willing to try contact lenses for the first time if they were available to treat their vision condition

by Martin Burns

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