Eye care help for people in El Salvador

Eye care help for people in El Salvador

People in El Salvador are being given help for eye care as part of an eye health programme.

John Medeiros has gone to Perquin in El Salvador as part of the Olentangy Rotary Club"s participation in the We Care Eye Care scheme, Columbus Local News reports on snponline.com.

The programme collects glasses for people in need and provides eye care in deprived places.

A drive for spectacles is being carried out in Olentangy with the help of local schools.

Mr Medeiros said that about 3,000 pairs had been collected in the first two campaigns.

The publication reported that about 40 to 50 volunteers with the scheme are usually present in El Salvador, half of whom are professionals in eye care and the rest being volunteers like Mr Medeiros.

Mr Medeiros has been trained to take eye measurements to help.

El Salvador has a population of approximately seven million, according to the 2000 census and is the most densely populated country in central America, covering 21,000 km of land.

by Martin Burns

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