Football coach recalls contact lens wearing

Football coach recalls contact lens wearing

A former footballer and coach in Singapore has spoken of how he had to wear contact lenses to correct his vision while he was in games.

Poravankara Narayanan Nair Sivaji told Asia One News about his experience of wearing contact lenses as he played for clubs such as Singapore Indians and Sembawang.

Mr Sivaji, 57, said that he wore contact lenses, which were expensive at the time, but would sometimes suffer from their falling out.

Recalling that they were hard contact lenses, Mr Sivaji added: "It was expensive and my eyesight was getting worse."

He then decided that he could not carry on in a playing career and became a coach.

Contact lenses are much cheaper these days and a range of soft lenses are available.

According to Acuvue, contact lenses give sports players superior peripheral vision to glasses.

Glasses may also slip off.

The manufacturer gives a list of sports that see particular benefits from wearing contact lenses, including ball and racquet games and cycling.

by Alexa Kaczka

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