How to keep glasses stylish

How to keep glasses stylish

Wearers of glasses have been given advice on how to choose the best frames to suit them.

Personal image consultant Julia Cumming explained to Buckinghamshire Advertiser readers how to choose the colour and style of their spectacles frames in order to wear them to their best advantage.

People who have warm tones in their colouring are advised to wear colours such as gold, amber and olive, while the coolly coloured suit purple, navy and silver as well as rimless styles.

Those with long faces are warned off wearing angular shaped frames, though these are better for round-faced people.

Square faces are said to look best in oval or rounded edges while oval faces can get away with most styles.

As for make-up, glasses to correct short sight will make eyes look smaller and so wearers should use light colours, without skimping on the mascara.

Website essortment.com warns make-up wearing users of contact lenses to use waterproof products and hypoallergenic mascara.

It is especially important to use waterproof cosmetics if one uses eye drops during the day.

by Adrian Galbreth

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