Hi-tech contact lenses "could be on their way"

Hi-tech contact lenses "could be on their way"

Contact lenses capable of transmitting TV shows are just around the corner.

That is the belief held by one leading "futurologist", who argued that the know-how already exists for such seemingly far-fetched technology.

Indeed, according to the new report published by the Future Laboratory Consultancy, which was commissioned by Comet, TV-enhanced contact lenses could soon be a fixture in the home, while also allowing users to be entertained while on the move.

What"s more, the likely tinted nature of these contact lenses would mean that onlookers would be unable to tell what programme someone else is watching.

"The technology is getting smaller and smaller and people are trying to work out how to make it more immersible," explained the report"s lead author Miriam Rayman.

"They are trying to bring it closer and closer to the eye."

The report also predicts that a likely rise in "emotional viewing", with special digital tattoos enabling viewers to become more involved in a programme or film, for example through feeling fear during a car chase scene.

At present, around three million Britons were contact lenses on a regular basis.

by Alexa Kaczka

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