Eye exams "not to be feared"

Eye exams "not to be feared"

Some people might put off going for their regular eye exam because they keep forgetting and then begin to worry about the results.

There is no need to worry, bad news at the opticians" is rare - and a visit is essential for eye health, as a recent news article demonstrates.

Arsalan Mohammad wrote in the National that he finally decided to get his eyes tested - after some considerable time - when he mistook a police car for a taxi and tried to hail it.

During the time between his eye checks he had allowed himself to slip into bad habits regarding his monthly contact lenses, which had become "dirty, scratched and warped" and neglected his spare glasses too.

However, his eye exam did not reveal a deterioration of vision and he was able to renew his prescription for his monthly disposable lenses.

Prescriptions for monthly disposables - and many other types of contact lens - can often be filled cheaper on the internet than from the high street opticians.

by Alexa Kaczka

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