Govt "should have mentioned sight loss in NDS"

Govt "should have mentioned sight loss in NDS"

An organisation has raised concerns over the omission of the issue of sight loss from the government"s National Dementia Strategy (NDS).

According to the Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT), the Labour administration may have damaged the chances of delivering joined-up care to those suffering from dementia.

It said that the NDS does not mention sight loss or propose coordination between mental health specialists and vision professionals.

Ron Bramley from the TPT said: "The combined effects of dementia and sight loss are already a growing problem but the national strategy does not reflect this."

The TPT suggests that research has shown that mental health professionals in the UK have failed to recognise sight loss as a factor in the confusion associated with dementia.

Recently, Australian doctor Ruth Hogg said that as people age, they can experience a number of problems with their vision, including adjusting between outdoor and indoor light or driving at night.

by Emily Tait

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