Professor invents glasses for third world countries

Professor invents glasses for third world countries

High quality contact lenses may be in more limited supply in the developing world, but that does not mean there is any less need for eye care.

With that in mind, one Oxford University professor has invented a pair of spectacles which he hopes can bring better sight to millions of poor people.

Professor Joshua Silver"s glasses can be adjusted to suit people with differing conditions by injecting a small amount of liquid into the lenses.

Thousands of pairs have been trialled by the Department of International Development and the intention is to find funding for a larger rollout in India.

One nation which is seeing an increasing number of people damaging their sight by trying to treat themselves is Vietnam.

An eye doctor at Hau Giang"s General Hospital recently told the Vietnam News Agency that most of the 520 sufferers of eye problems treated last year had taken action to treat themselves.

by Adrian Galbreth

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