Playing outside "could prevent myopia"

Playing outside "could prevent myopia"

By playing outdoors, children could be helping stave off the development of myopia and the need for contact lenses or glasses, according to new research.

Scientists in Australia have claimed that children who play outside for 14 hours or more have a 20 per cent risk of developing the condition.

However, that risk increases to 60 per cent among children who spend less than five hours outside, it is suggested in the Sydney Myopia Study.

ABC Net reports that the scientists recommend that children be allowed to enjoy outdoors activity more, as focusing on distant objects helps the eyes to develop as they would naturally. Two to three hours a day is recommended.

"If it"s hard to find that time, then cut the amount of television and computer games and get kids to take frequent breaks outdoors when reading and studying," said the news provider.

Eye and Contact Lens reported that among children and teenagers who have eye conditions, contact lenses are often regarded as a more positive measure than glasses, a study by the Ohio State University College of Optometry found.

by Martin Burns

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