Gandhi"s glasses to be auctioned off

Gandhi"s glasses to be auctioned off

Mahatma Gandhi was not one of the world"s most famous wearers of contact lenses, but he was one of the more iconic figures to sport spectacles.

Now, it seems one lucky person might get the chance to own the very pair that are so integrally linked with his image.

The famous round lenses are to be auctioned at the Antiquorum, along with his sandals, pocket watch and a bowl and plate that were in his possession.

An estimated price of £30,000 has been given for the lot, though it is expected that the final bidding will be much higher.

Whether or not the lenses or even the frame will be right for the eventual bidder is, however, another matter.

Circular frames, such as the ones sported by Gandhi, are best suited to square faces, the Buckinghamshire Advertiser recommends, while those with more rounded faces should stick to slightly more angular shapes.

by Martin Burns

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