Homeless people in San Francisco "need glasses"

Homeless people in San Francisco "need glasses"

Homeless people in San Francisco are set to make a rush for corrective lenses to restore their vision, a report has said.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, volunteers for the Homeless Connect scheme had not realised how much demand there is for free prescription spectacles and eye tests.

Judith Klain, director of Homeless Connect, told the paper that people without health insurance are not covered for such requirements.

"We have stories of people who haven"t been able to see for 20 years," she said.

The paper reported the case of Gary Forte, a homeless army veteran who cannot afford glasses to correct his sight and failed to obtain them from Homeless Connect because it was overrun with people needing them.

C W Nevius, who wrote the column, stated: "At a time when Iraq war veterans are flooding back into the country - many of whom are already experiencing health problems that make them candidates for homelessness - it is unconscionable that even a bare-bones medical plan does not include correctional lenses."

Project Homeless Connect has more than 1,000 volunteers and aims to bring services such as eyesight and dental care to homeless people.

by Alexa Kaczka

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