Australians warned about eye care in the sun

Australians warned about eye care in the sun

The importance of taking care of eyes in hot weather while outdoors has been stressed to Australians by lens maker Transitions Optimal.

According to research by the company, only one-fifth of Australians think that it is as important to have protective eyewear as it is to have sunscreen.

But Transitions Optical said that not protecting one"s eyes against the sun can cause photokeratitis (eye sunburn), catarcacts and macular degeneration, the latter of which can cause incurable damage.

Australians were urged to check their eyes every two years, protect their eyes from UVA and UVB rays and blink very often when looking at a television or computer screen.

Transitions Optical provides variable tint ophthalmic lenses across the world.

It explains that such lenses automatically protect against the glare of intense light, fatigue of the eyes and UVA and UVB rays.

The company recommends that such lenses are worn daily to help protect eye health in the long-term.

by Martin Burns

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