iLASIK "should be considered"

iLASIK "should be considered"

Users of contact lenses may benefit from the iLASIK vision correction procedure, an expert has claimed.

Dr Kevin Niksarli, managing director of the Manhattan Lasik Centre and an eye surgeon, said that undergoing iLASIK treatment could offer contact lens wearers significant savings in terms of time and convenience.

He acknowledged that both contact lenses and iLASIK carry risks but also pointed out that people in hotter climates or who wear contact lenses for extended period may stand a greater chance of infection.

According to allaboutvision.com, most people have the potential to be treated by iLASIK and the procedure is affordable.

The website also claims that the treatment is quick and almost without pain, as well as being customised to meet the individual need of patients.

It points out how much money contact lens wearers have to spend on products as well as the time taken to keep them clean and cared for.

by Emily Tait

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