Buying contact lenses online "is cheaper"

Buying contact lenses online "is cheaper"

Contact lens wearers who buy their products over the internet have the opportunity to make significant savings, a writer has claimed.

In an article for the Irish Times, Conor Pope noted that contact lenses are less expensive when bought over the internet and observed that prices can vary significantly.

"If you find the cheapest brand you can save a fortune without compromising the quality - assuming, of course, that they are suitable," he wrote.

Mr Pope also observed that there are not many contact lens manufacturers that have a worldwide remit.

In addition, he stressed the importance of having one"s eyes checked regularly.

Contact lens firm Acuvue has refuted claims that contact lenses are expensive.

It says that prescription lenses can be bought for the same price as a fizzy drink a day and called them "surprisingly affordable".

Acuvue also points out that it is cheaper to replace contact lenses which have been damaged or lost than spectacles.

by Alexa Kaczka

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