Baseball player turns to contact lenses

Baseball player turns to contact lenses

An American sporting star has spoken of how he wore glasses and contact lenses for his poor eyesight.

Dana Eveland, pitcher for the Oakland Athletics, told the San Jose Mercury News that he had been having difficulty seeing the hand signals given to him by catcher Kurt Suzuki.

Mr Eveland has recently worn glasses or contact lenses while playing and is going to decide which solution he prefers during the spring training.

He told the publication that he and Mr Suzuki had to use touch signs as he could see that more easily than fingers.

Contact lens manufacturer Acuvue recommends contact lenses for athletes.

On its website, it quotes a 2007 article by Doug Rappaport in Sports Vision in which Grant Geisser, minor league director for the Cincinnati Reds, explained that baseball players need to be able to see things such as the speed of a ball.

"It"s all about gaining that edge to be successful," he said.

by Emily Tait

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