Short-term wear contact lenses "are safer"

Short-term wear contact lenses "are safer"

Contact lens wearers should go for products that involve being worn for short amounts of time rather than for extended periods, an expert has said.

Kevin Niksarli, head of Manhattan Lasik Centre, said that contact lenses which are removed daily are safer than ones that are slept in.

He explained that the area between contact lenses and the cornea is warm and moist and also has a relatively low amount of oxygen.

As a result, organisms which grow in such circumstances may remain under the lenses if they are worn for extended lengths of time.

Contact lens wearers were urged to clean, store and dispose of their lenses as they had been instructed to do.

Daily disposable lenses are one possibility.

Acuvue"s 1 Day Acuvue Moist is an example of such contact lenses.

Although the firm recommends particular types of cleaning product, daily disposable lenses can simply be thrown away after wearing and a new lens worn each time.

by Emily Tait

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