New eyewear range unveiled by Roberto Cavalli

New eyewear range unveiled by Roberto Cavalli

Greek mythology is the inspiration for a new collection of eyewear by Roberto Cavalli, it has been reported.

Fashion News India reports the new line, which includes a design for men called Hermes.

This is influenced by 1970s styles and has a polished-satin effect.

In addition, there is the Aphrodite sunglasses design, notable to buttons and snakes appearing on it.

There is also Demeter, which carries leaf imagery.

Some of the other names include Hestia, Artemis and Poseidon.

Meanwhile, Zeenews.com reports the launch of an eyewear outlet by Titan in Vijayawada.

Retail head at the company, Yashwanth Kumar, said that the showroom would "offer customers contemporary designs and style that match international trends".

Among the products on offer are Titan Eye and Dash, while lens brands Kodak, Titan and Essilor are also available.

Mr Kumar said the firm wants to give a "world class optical store" to people in India and to become closer to consumers.

by Emily Tait

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