Eye makeup tips given

Eye makeup tips given

A beauty consultant has given advice on how to apply eye makeup properly.

Kristy Scott, a beauty consultant for Salon Hive, suggested making eyes appear more widely set by applying a lighter shade to the entire lid and then a darker one on the outer third.

The two can then be blended together.

Eyeliner can make the eyes" outer edges seem wider and mascara is effective, but users were advised not to apply too much of it to their lower lashes.

People with small eyes were told to put a light colour beneath their brows, with a medium shade on the lid and a darker colour at the crease.

Recently, more eye makeup advice was reported in the Philippine Daily Inquirer by Isabel Roces.

She suggested using lighter tones on deep-set eyes, with darker ones on and above the line of the eye socket.

In addition, women who wear glasses were told to pay more attention to mascara than shadow if they wear colourful frames.

by Martin Burns

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