Baseball player praises contact lenses

Baseball player praises contact lenses

A US baseball player has praised his contact lenses for being comfortable as well as improving his vision.

Francisco Rodriguez told the New York Times about his switch to contact lenses after initially wearing goggles.

After suffering irritation to his face from the goggles, as well as having them fog up sometimes, he was recommended contact lenses , which he described as "comfortable".

Mr Rodriguez wore contact lenses with an amber tint during spring training and daytime games to reduce glare, but wore non-tinted ones when it was dark.

But he added that he wears sunglasses when not playing.

According to Acuvue, proper eyesight is exceptionally important to top sports players.

It says on its website that "optimised eyesight can mean the different between champion and also-ran".

Furthermore, contact lenses allow athletes to move more than if they wear glasses, the firm claims.

Acuvue says that vision can be corrected to an even greater extent than 20/20.

by Alexa Kaczka

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