"Self-lubricating" contact lenses being tested in Singapore

"Self-lubricating" contact lenses being tested in Singapore

Tests are currently being undertaken in Singapore for self-lubricating contact lenses, it has been reported.

Serene Luo wrote in a blog post for the Straits Times that the contact lenses are being tested on rabbits currently.

Dr Edwin Chow, head researcher of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, told her that the animals have so far demonstrated no side-effects.

The tests are being carried out in One-North in Buona Vista.

Ms Luo expressed her excitement at the prospect of self-lubricating contact lenses, as she has had difficulty wearing them because she suffers from dry eyes.

The NHS says that dry eyes are a common ailment and that women are more likely to suffer from it than men.

It is also more common in people who are over 60.

The NHS advises that sufferers who wear contact lenses should try a different type or wear the lenses less often.

by Emily Tait

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