Eye care routine of image consultant

Eye care routine of image consultant

Women have been given advice on how to look after their eyes as they grow older by a personal image consultant.

Nadine Kazerounian, who heads a personal image consultancy, told the Daily Mail about her skincare routine, which includes the daily application of a Clarins eye cream.

Mrs Kazerounian, 59, also told the paper about the importance of maintaining eyebrows, which she said define a person"s face and give an appearance of youth.

She proclaimed herself "thrilled" with the results of a recent procedure in which she had her eyebrows tattooed on in a treatment costing £350.

Botox was another recommendation but Mrs Kazerounian said she does not have it often or regularly because of its cost and short duration.

The Observer recently published advice by make-up artist Val Garland.

She said mascara should be applied by moving the wand a little to keep lashes separated and offered an alternative to the "smoky eyes" look, which can be tricky to create.

Instead, she urged women to try a "little 50s flick on the eye" combined with red lipstick.

by Emily Tait

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