Sports players "using laser surgery for vision that exceeds 20/20"

Sports players "using laser surgery for vision that exceeds 20/20"

Sportsmen and women are turning to laser eye surgery to try to gain an edge over their opponents with better vision, it has been reported.

Writing in the Times, Gabrielle Monaghan investigated the phenomenon of Irish sports players, including thousands of amateurs, undergoing the procedure to get vision that is even better than 20/20.

Dublin-based clinic LaserVision has had 200 sports players in the past year while Optical Express, which has branches in Dublin and Belfast, said that thousands of such people have been treated in its outlets over the same period.

The Wellington Eye Clinic in Dublin said that ten per cent of its 3,000 patients in the same time have been sports players wanting better sight to improve their play.

Sportspeople such as Noel Hickey and Ciaran Whelan who have had the surgery are cited by experts as the reason for others wanting to have it done, Ms Monaghan reported.

Website www.sportseyes.com says that many sports players find it easier to move without wearing glasses and points out competitors for martial arts may not wear anything over their eyes.

by Adrian Galbreth

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