Children "prefer contact lenses to spectacles"

Children "prefer contact lenses to spectacles"

Contact lenses make children feel more self-confident than glasses do, according to the results from a US study.

The report, which looked at almost 500 children aged eight to 11 at five clinical centres, had some wear glasses and some wear soft contact lenses over a three-year period.

Children who wore contact lenses reported more positive feelings about their appearance, social acceptance by friends and how well they performed at sports.

Those who had disliked wearing spectacles reported greater confidence about their performance in school after switching to contact lenses.

The report was published Optometry and Vision Science and was led by Jeffrey Walline, assistant optometry professor at Ohio State University.

It was also supported by Johnson & Johnson, which supplied the contact lenses for the subjects.

Prof Walline is a paid Johnson & Johnson consultant.

Contact lens firm Acuvue says that the belief that short-sighted children can have their vision worsened by contact lenses is untrue.

It cites a study of eight to 11-year-olds showing that those wearing contact lenses did not have their sight deteriorate any more than the ones who wore spectacles.

by Adrian Galbreth

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